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My name is Cecilia, and I'm a fashion, lifestyle and brand photographer from Alberta. 

Albert Camus wrote, "Man must live and create. Live to the point of tears." I've chosen photography as my outlet of creativity in my life, and I will pursue it endlessly.

Some Stuff I Love

I love poetry. I love daffodils (read 'Daffodils', by Wordsworth- my love of poetry and daffodils combined!). I love spontaneous road trips, early mornings, and visiting new places. These things make me feel so alive! At the end of the day, I believe that life is all about the experiences you've had and those you've shared it with, so I'm always down for a new adventure!

Let's Make Art Together!

I am based out of Calgary, Alberta, but I'm always ready to travel. Let's create some fresh imagery for your brand- click here to send me an email or book!

If you want to keep up to date with my life, follow my Instagram by clicking here!

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