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I’m a Canadian photographer who moved to Paris in 2021.

My first love is photography, but I am also passionate about videography, 3D design, graphic design and marketing.


At work

I love experimenting to develop new ways to help convey brand values through visuals.

I believe that the content I make should have meaning, so I start every photoshoot by creating a detailed plan and mood-board about what the important brand elements are and ways they can be included. 

If you’d like to see a case study of a recent social media project I worked on, please visit this link

I  thrive when I am able to work with a team of creatives to develop new ideas and work together to achieve a vision.

Outside work

My favourite podcast is Marketing Against the Grain by Hubspot.

I am determined to master Blender and am always spending my evenings trying new ideas.

I enjoy rock climbing and yoga- but admittedly, I am not very good at rock climbing (yet).

My favourite place to be is at a coffee shop, listening to music and working on new projects. 

I grew up in Alberta, Canada, but love traveling and living abroad.

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