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Iconic places for Photoshoots in & around Paris

I've been living in Paris for a year now and I still find it overwhelming trying to pick out the perfect place for photoshoots! Here is a list of spots where I LOVE shooting- hopefully it helps narrow down your decision a little! I will add to this list as I shoot in new spots, so check back if you’re ever in need of more inspo.

1. Strolling along the Seine with Eiffel Tower Views

Blonde girl standing in front of the Seine with the Eiffel Tower in the background as the sun rises.

This is one of my favourite spots for photos. You can get some iconic shots of the Eiffel Tower and walk along the Seine for the most romantic Parisian vibes.

PROS: Eiffel Tower, of course!

CONS: It is a touristy area. However, it's usually quieter in the morning! That soft early morning light is my favourite kind, anyway, so set your alarms and let's get shooting!


2. Picnic-ing at Parc Monceau

Girl laying in the grass at Parc Monceau in summertime.

I LOVE this park. It is full of stunning flowers, hidden paths, and of course the main attraction: A beautiful pond with crumbling columns and a stone bridge.

It's the perfect place for a romantic picnic or stroll, and I absolutely love capturing moments here.

PROS: Quieter that lots of other places.

CONS: Cold in the winter!


3. Admiring Art at the Louvre

Couple holding hands and walking outside the Louvre, with the Pyramid behind them.

This is totally one of the best places for couple's photos (when it’s not too busy, of course). Arrive at opening time on a weekday and you can wander the gallery with your sweetheart, admire the art, and enjoy a latte in the cafe overlooking the plaza. Even better, continue your session outdoors and explore Tuileries Garden!

PROS: It's indoors, so we can shoot any time of the year!

CONS: Busy on weekends and, well, most other times.

P.S. Want to see more of this shoot? Check out the blog post here.


4. Sipping Hot Wine in Montmartre

Couple out of focus with their noses together, with Paris in the background.

This is by far the best spot for wintery photos, because everything about this area just feels Christmas-y.

Here, you can explore the winding streets, enjoy hot wine, and overlook the city of light with your S/O.

PROS: Did I mention the hot wine already? Oh my gosh it's so good. Incredible views of Paris, iconic landmarks, and lots to do and see in this area.

CONS: The Sacre Coeur area is very busy, but if you wander just five minutes it gets much quieter!


5. Admiring the Flowers in Giverny

This stunning spot is where Claude Monet spent his time painting- and for good reason. If you’re lookin for soft, romantic photos that look straight out of a painting, look no further, Giverny is for you!

PROS: Stunning scenery, fun day trip

CONS: takes about an hour and a half to get there by train, and is very busy during the summer.


I’m going to add to this list, so check back for more updates if you need inspiration on where to shoot in Paris!

Cecilia is an elopement and couple's photographer from Canada and based in Paris, France, and ready to travel wherever your love takes you. Get in touch here.


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