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1 Page Pricing Guide

1 Page Pricing Guide


You want your client to have a beautiful brand experience from start to finish. Start on the right foot by sending them a simple, elegant pricing guide.


This guide is fully customizeable, easy to use, and perfect for providing your client with a beautiful brand experience. Easily customize colours, fonts, icons and more in Canva.


This pricing guide includes two different single-page templates so you can decide which you prefer- simply delete the page that you decide not to go with!



To customize these templates, you need...

- A Canva account (don't worry, it's free!)

- Adobe Reader or Preview to view PDF documents, including the PDF document that includes the links to the Canva templates.


When you place your order, you will receive a PDF document with a link to your template. Click the link to open Canva to start editing. Canva should automatically save your changes.

- The guide includes writing prompts for an engaging client experience. Fill out each section in your own words and drop your own images into the frames. You can change the images, text, fonts, colours, and design elements to create content perfectly unique to your brand. 

- Make sure to customize templates on a desktop or laptop, not a mobile device!

- Feel free to add pages, duplicate them, or delete them!

- Download your PDF to print or send to your clients virtually.

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